Once you buy your RV, you may stay in private campgrounds with swimming pools and other recreational amenities, but just because you're staying in an RV, it doesn't mean you can't park in a national forest or national park and enjoy nature at its best. Here are three camping options you can choose with your RV.

1. Campsites With Hookups

Hooking your RV up to electricity has its benefits, and it doesn't necessarily take away from your immersion in nature. When you have electricity, you can run your AC or heater so you can camp any time of year and enjoy campgrounds when they're less crowded. Plus, you can watch movies or play computer games if there's a long rainy spell on your camping trip.

Cooking is much more convenient too when you have electricity. You can spend the day hiking in the forest and then relax with a few creature comforts in the evening. This could allow you to extend your camping trip for several days or weeks at a time since living in an RV with water and electricity is almost as good as living at home, but in more tranquil surroundings.

2. Dry Camping

You can also find dry camping areas in national parks and on national forest lands. These are a little more remote and there are no electricity or water hookups provided. You'll still be in a campground with other RVs in a designated space, but the surroundings are a little more primitive.

The good thing about camping like this on national land is that the roads are well developed and well maintained to these remote locations so you won't have any trouble reaching the campground in your RV.

3. Boondocking

Boondocking is similar to dry camping except the area where you park is even more remote. These spots may be off roads that aren't as well maintained or that are steep or narrow, so some places may not be ideal for a large RV. The rules for boondocking vary according to the national park or forest that you camp in. You can probably park for free, but you may be limited to how many nights you can stay.

Boondocking spots aren't in developed campgrounds. Instead, you have to find a suitable place yourself in an area designated for boondock camping. If you want solitude and the chance to experience the beauty of nature up close, you may enjoy this type of RV camping, especially since you'll have your RV with everything you might need for a stay in the wilderness.