Many trailer dealers sell pre-owned vehicles which may cut costs if you're on a budget. If you're considering the purchase of a used travel trailer for camping, you'll want to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before making your decision, especially if you're buying "as is" without a warranty. As part of your travel trailer buying checklist, you should consider repair costs, as well as replacement of old tires and kitchen appliances. Ask your trailer dealer important questions and inquire about buyer incentives that may be included. Here are five aspects worth considering when buying a used travel trailer:

1. Inspect the Fiberglass Side Walls and Aluminum Siding

If there is any peeling or loose panels, you may be responsible for repairs, or the dealer may take care of the necessary work for you. If you are responsible, consider the cost of repairs or replacement of parts and try to work out a bargain. You may be able to haggle and get a lower price if you note any work that needs to be done.

2. Consider the Tires

When considering your travel trailer purchase, don't overlook this important detail. When examining older tires, check for dry rot damage, which includes cracking. Also, the sidewalls should not be cracked. Old, worn-out tires may need to be replaced.

In such a case, a trailer dealer may offer a new set of tires with the purchase of the vehicle. At least, you may receive a discount or a "buy three, get one free" deal. If tires are to be replaced, be sure they are properly installed by a mechanic.

3. Ponder Your Remodeling Options

When buying a used camper or trailer, you might opt for an older vehicle to save some money. Even if the interior of the trailer is in top-notch condition, you may wish to consider remodeling as an option. Perhaps you would prefer a larger or more modern refrigerator for your trailer. Maybe you'd like to upgrade the old carpeting or trailer floors.

A less expensive alternative to carpeting might be peel and stick vinyl tile flooring. It will give your pre-owned trailer a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost. Most vinyl flooring is durable as well.

You'll also want to inquire about the window treatments. Are curtains, shades or blinds included? If not, consider the cost of this additional purchase.

Would you like to paint or wallpaper the trailer walls? Ask your dealer for suggestions, as he or she may be able to help. Also, the trailer furniture may be reupholstered and kitchen cabinets may be replaced at your option.

4. Ask About Buyer Incentives From Your Dealer

When purchasing a used camper or travel trailer, the dealer may include some necessary upgrades or bonus offers that could be a buyer incentive for you. For instance, the dealer may throw in a new battery free of charge. This is important if the trailer is several years old and the battery has not been replaced. The dealer may also offer inspection of the braking system and repairs if necessary.

Replacement parts and accessories may be included if you bargain for them. This may include screens for the windows and doors, or new propane bottles if the old ones show signs of leakage. Perhaps the bathroom shower head will be replaced free of charge, or a new bathroom overhead fan will be installed. How about a hitch for the trailer? All of these "extras" can save you some money.

5. Seek Information About About Previous Ownership

Just as you would when purchasing a pre-owned car, inquire about previous owners when considering a used trailer. Why did the owner choose to sell? Your trailer dealer may be able to provide phone numbers for you. Contact the previous owner or owners if you have any unanswered questions. For more information, see a website such as